Group Medical Insurance

As we know, employees are the greatest and indispensible asset for any organization. Offering them with welfare measures like Health/Medical schemes would go a long way in enhancing satisfaction, security, retention and productivity. Satisfied employees will have high morale and loyalty towards their employer and will result in enhanced and qualitative productivity for the organization. Most of the employees look for the basic benefits that employers provide to their employees. Medical expenses cover is one of the most important employee benefit scheme which distinguishes any organization from the rest. OUIC’s Group medical insurance is an insurance cover that provides relief to individual employees from the burden of medical expenses of their own and their dependents.


Group Life Insurance

In any organization, employees are the most valuable and indispensable asset. Group Life scheme gives peace of mind to employees by providing high level of term insurance coverage at an affordable cost and with administrative ease. This welfare measure would have far reaching impact on overall employee satisfaction. An organization which cares and understands it's responsibilities towards employees would definitely excel as business leader.


Group Credit Life Insurance

OUIC offers to provide life insurance aganist outstanding loan (be it housing or personal  or car loan) for individual borrowers of Banks in case of unfortunate death or permanent total disablement. Our products are suitably designed making them indispensable to customers of banks and financial institutions. Our Group Credit Life Insurance ensures that the needs of every segment of the bank or financial institutions are met.


Himaya for Corporates

Whether it is your child’s babysitter, your cook, housekeeper or gardener, with your domestic worker at home, you and your spouse can work with peace of mind. So it pays to protect them and make them feel secure being part of your family.

OUIC offers effective insurance protection at a very low cost.

Himaya insurance plan for domestic workers is designed especially for families with foreign domestic help. If you are about to hire a Foreign Domestic help or renew his or her contract, we will provide you with a triple Insurance pack containing Life, Disability, Accident, Repatriation and Medical Expenses protection for your domestic help.