Group Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents can have damaging effects on our physical, financial and most importantly emotional being. Animal attack or slip & fall, personal injury can take place anywhere and in any form.

Personal Accident Insurance is specifically for situations similar to these. This insurance cover provides a lump sum amount in case of death or disability arising out of an accident caused by external violent visible means. This amount can act as a great support system for your recovery.

(A) Death

Benefit opted

(B) Permanent Disablement

Such percentage of Benefit B as is specified in the Permanent disability Scale

(C) Temporary total disablement from attending to or following the Insured Person’s usual business or occupation

Benefit C per week during such disablement.

(D) Reasonable medical surgical hospital nursing home and nursing expenses fees or charges necessarily incurred whether disablement benefit is payable or not

The amount of such expenses but not exceeding benefit D

  • The sum insured is arrived at based on Occupation and monthly income
  • Age limit up-to 70 Years