Fire & Allied Peril Insurance

It takes fraction of second for a Fire to reduce everything you own to ashes, and would take months for you to rebuild. In such situation you need a reliable support to fall back on.

Oman United Offers ‘Fire Insurance Policy’ which will support in such trying times. This Policy safe guards you against the loss and/or damage that can arise due to a fire, lightning, explosion/implosion or other extended risks.

You need to insure building & permanent fixtures at reinstatement value.


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Property All Risk Insurance

Property All Risks Policy provides all risk coverage to property whilst situated at the described premises in Policy Schedule against loss and/or damage due to any accident or misfortune subject to exclusions stated in the Policy.

Property All Risks Policy provides coverage against the accidental physical loss or damage to Property Insured and coverage is wider with respect to Fire & Allied perils policy.


We also offer other products

Business Interruption Insurance

Consequential Loss insurance covers ‘loss of Profit’ upon business interruption due to Fire or other extended perils covered under the Fire or Property All Risks Insurance policy.

Whilst your damaged property is being repaired or replaced under the Fire and/or Property All Risks Insurance, Consequential Loss (Fire) Insurance offers a solution by covering profit lost due to reduction in turnover arising from interruption of business following damage to the property insured.

This Policy can be taken only in conjunction with a Standard Fire and/or Property All Risk Policies. Consequential Loss is also known as “Business Interruption Policy or Loss of Profit Policy”.


We also offer other products