Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are committed to promoting and developing quality and technical excellence within the Omani insurance sector.

As a demonstration of our commitment, OUIC will make an Award for Excellence, to an Omani national with truly exceptional performance in the examinations of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The award is a cash prize of OMR 1,000 and may be awarded each year after the disclosure of the official CII results after the October examinations.

This is an award for excellence, not simply the highest performance among a group of candidates in any year. The judges of the award will consider the following criteria:

  • Distinctions gained in CII subject(s);
  • Passes gained in multiple subjects;
  • Distinctions will take precedence over multiple subject passes.
  • In the absence of a distinction in one or more subjects then only passes in 3 or more subjects will be eligible for consideration as an 'excellent' performance.

If there is no 'excellent' performance in a year then no award will be made. This is a stimulus for excellence, not just a creditable performance compared to one's peers.